Our Trip to Cali, Part II

Olive Tree

After a few days in LA on our first anniversary trip (see Part I of our trip here), we headed to Malibu. I was surprised at how close it actually is to Santa Monica and of course the drive was beautiful and scenic. We just spent the day there, but on a Monday in October, it was basically empty and we had the road to ourselves to explore!

When we arrived, we drove around the mountains for a bit (the golden light was unreal – Dan had a blast zipping around the curves in our convertible), then we went to the beach and relaxed for a bit. Aside from a few surfers, the beach was pretty empty. We wanted to walk the beach, but we didn’t get too far before it ended to a sea wall.



Malibu is absolutely gorgeous, although it has a more western, chill vibe than you might expect based on pop culture. It was super “California” and awesome. The ocean was on one side, and the insanely pretty Santa Monica Mountains were on the other. After hanging at the beach, we went to find Malibu Wines for some tasting. We had Siri giving us directions and she kept telling us we had arrived but of course there was nothing there…we went back and forth a few times on this super windy, mountain road before finding Saddlerock Ranch. Thinking this might be a place we could have a bite or site-see, we pulled in and drove around. It was like we stepped into a secret little world with animals roaming, gorgeous sculptures, a house…..yet no one was there except staff tending to the land.

Saddlerock Ranch View

Saddlerock Ranch

Saddlerock Ranch

We began to wonder if perhaps this wasn’t open to the public but no one stopped us and after we got some great pictures on our self-guided tour we left and finally found Malibu Wines.

Malibu Wines

Dan & Allie in Malibu Allie at Malibu Wines

Malibu Wines

We were basically the only ones there so we got superb service but it would be so fun on the weekends when they have live music! Also, you can bring your own food which is great if you are prepared and bring provisions (we were not).

Malibu Wines

After the winery, we headed to Neptune’s Net, a local dive spot recommended to us by our friends at Malibu Wines. It is across the street from the ocean and has great, cheap sea food with fab views.

Neptune's Net

Finally, we went to Moonshadows for the sunset. It did not disappoint and was the perfect ending to a glorious day!

IMG_3874Sunset at Moon Shadows

Stay tuned for Part III for our adventures in Big Sur!


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