On Hair

Pretty much before every hair appointment I have I spend weeks, days, hours trying figure out what I want to do, texting my mom pics and deliberating. But nearly every time I end up touching up my roots and getting a trim! While I love the idea of a fresh look and trying out new styles, I’m also afraid of getting something new and regretting it. My point is, I have a hair appointment coming up so the routine is in full effect. I’m thinking about taking my ombre up a notch and maybe taking just a couple inches off. Here are some hair-dos I’ve been admiring lately:

hair collage

What do you think?  I’ll let you know what I decided next week!

More ‘hairspiration’ can be found on my Pinterest page.

photo credits:

1. hey natalie jean

2. margo & me

(Side note: I met her at a PR event I worked in LA a few months

ago and a)she is super nice b)her bangs are awesome and inspired

me to cut mine again!)

3. cosmo (Ben Watts/Corbis Outline)

4. Lorenzo Santini


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