Our Trip to Maui: Part III

Wailea has a beachfront path that’s perfect for leisurely strolls, sightseeing, walking from hotel to hotel (each has awesome oceanfront restaurants and bars), and exercising. We went out on Tuesday morning for a long walk and came across tide pools, several beaches, a chicken and a swing…I’ll let the pictures do the talking:IMG_4383



Um, I forgot how fun swinging is – it’s like flying!

IMG_0688 IMG_0695 IMG_0697

IMG_4378 IMG_0677 IMG_0687 IMG_0707

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday were very relaxing. I finished up The Boleyn Inheritance (also loved The Other Boleyn Girl) and started The Goldfinch (really good so far!). Wednesday afternoon we did another boat cruise, this time a whale-watching and snorkel tour. Since we went to Molokini (a crater not far off Wailea Beach) to snorkel on our honeymoon, we chose another option on the Pride of Maui that went to coral gardens to snorkel instead. We got local Hawaiin beer, burgers and hotdogs, snorkel gear and a nice cruise for like $40 each…great deal! The Alii Nui is the boat we took on our honeymoon, and it is definitely nicer. If you are not on a budget, do that, but the Pride of Maui was really great too, especially for the price.


More whale sightings form the Pride of Maui!

We could not have asked for a better day on Thursday. Clear blue skies, warm, calm water…pure bliss. One of things I was adamant about doing this trip was swimming with the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. They are SO COOL, and I didn’t see any on our honeymoon. You could see their little heads popping up for air from the hotel, and Dan saw them while we was out snorkeling, so we headed out on our own little adventure: me via stand-up paddle board, Dan swimming.


We were only out for maybe 10 minutes before we found a turtle, so I jumped in, Dan lent me his snorkel gear, and I was able to float just a few feet away from these majestic creatures. There were four in the water at the bottom and one came up to the surface for air and we hung out a little until he went back down. I am telling you, it made me so happy!


We didn’t have a camera out there with us, but this is what it looked like, so we can just pretend. photo credit: Don Whitebread



I was kicking myself for not getting a waterproof case for my phone – something I thought about and then let slip my mind – because the whales, turtles and coral reefs were gorgeous. I really hope I never forget how beautiful it was!


Oh! I almost forgot one of the coolest parts of the WHOLE TRIP: a whale surfaced probably 100 feet from where we paddle boarding, we were just so close. There were other paddle boarders and kayakers closer, some were probably 10 feet away from this huge, huge mammal- I am not even exaggerating. That evening we watched a magnificent sunset before heading to dinner at Merriman’s.

DSC_0764 DSC_0775

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and so nice to spend a week in paradise with my love…Dan, you are the perfect travel buddy!

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We did some fun excursions on our honeymoon I’ll post about this week as well to round out the Maui posts. Whew!


PS: All photos (unless otherwise stated) taken with either my Nikon D60 or iPhone


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  1. Louie says:

    I enjoyed your commentary…Maui is an amazing place! Love the turtles!

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