TGIF! (Links for the weekend)


Hi Friends! I cannot believe it is already Friday and has been a week since our last day in Hawaii. This week has gone both super fast yet also felt long somehow…do you ever get that sensation? Cray. cray. Regardless, I am stoked it’s the weekend and that January is over. March is next and that means spring isn’t too far behind. I don’t have much on the agenda this weekend – just cleaning up, relaxing, working out and getting a mani/pedi.¬†Here are some fun links from around the web:

-I am eager to visit the Pacific Northwest, and these pics by Natalie are beautiful

-How cute is this DIY Valentine idea? For a more grown-up version, little hand soaps would be nice

-How cool is this hat from anthro? I wonder if I could pull it off…

This kitchen is chic yet timeless…love the mix of gray and gold

– The Winter Olympics just started and media have had some, shall we say “interesting” experiences so far…However, I am looking forward to watching the games over the next few weeks

-Look at all these sweet animal friends and these funny animal photo bombs (some of these look photoshopped, but still)!

…And, a Lulu pic for fun because I miss her (she is still at my parent’s):


Have a fantastic weekend! xo

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