Think Pink!

With Valentine’s Day this Friday, pink, red, hearts and other cutesy things are all over the place, so I thought I’d jump in on the fun! I don’t own much pink (I tend to stick to neutrals…lots of black, gray and navy), but I actually think it is a flattering color – fun and feminine – and I need more of if in my life. Not to mention that every year around this time I get so sick of winter and the gray, colorlessness that accompanies it, that I start craving color. I stop getting the neutral or dark polishes and get the bright pink pedi, and it helps, just a little bit. I also got a blush pink wool coat from Club Monaco that I’m dying to wear, but alas it’s been too cold since Christmas for anything less than my calf-lenth Eddie Bauer sleeping bag of a coat. SO, inspired by Valentine’s Day and the thought of spring ahead, here are some pink fashion finds (with a few other images thrown in there for good measure):

think pinkFirst things first, I have this Nars lipstick in carthage (hot pink), which is a great and easy way to brighten up your look without a lot of effort, à la photo #1. I also especially like the middle outfit – the pale pink mohair sweater with the studded bag is the perfect mix of femininity with an edge.

View each of the above images + more of my rosy-hued finds here.


2 responses to “Think Pink!”

  1. Gretchen says:

    This makes me happy!! I love pink!!

  2. Ellen says:

    I love the pale pink..I might need a new blouse in this color, thanks.

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