Our Trip to Maui: Honeymoon Edition


After posting about our recent trip to Maui here, here and here, I wanted to give a few more must-do’s in paradise if any of you are planning a trip to Maui. We went in Oct. 2012 on our honeymoon and had a BLAST! Leaving was so hard. It was the perfect ending to such a fun and exciting time in our lives, and although I was excited to get home and start the next phase as husband and wife, it was emotionally draining to have it all be over.  I loved sharing in the excitement with my family and friends in the year leading up to the wedding.



On that note, I’ll admit that planning our wedding was exciting and pretty easy for me because A) I plan events at work and B) I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted. Planning our honeymoon? Much harder! We knew we wanted someplace warm and tropical where we could unwind and relax but also have options for getting out and doing activities. I put a lot of pressure on myself to find the perfect spot that would be “honeymoon worthy” and we definitely found it in Maui! We stayed at the Four Seasons Wailea, which I am now obsessed with. The service was impeccable – the pool/lounge attendants come by each hour with a different amenity: cold wash cloths, fruit, aloe, etc. So nice! Also worth noting, you don’t need to rent a car because you can walk a lot within Wailea, and the excursions typically offer pick-up and drop-off options. Plus, the Four Seasons has a complimentary car service within Wailea, which is great for going to and from dinner if needed.


Mai Tai at the Four Seasons!

Anyway, I won’t go into a lot of detail about the whole trip since some of the things we did again on our recent vacation; instead here are  some of the highlights that I didn’t cover in Parts I-III:

Hike Maui: I cannot recommend this enough! They picked us up in the morning and we drove to the other side of the island to do the East Maui Waterfalls & Rain Forest Hike. All in all it took about a half day, and it was so gorgeous! Our guide told us all about the vegetation and local tricks for how to use the plants for healing and medicinal purposes. She also picked fruits right off the trees for us to eat, including guava, bananas, coffee beans, avocados (literally as big as your head), liliqoui (passionfruit) and more. We also stopped at multiple waterfalls and jumped into the water. Maui is amazing.

IMG_2259Hike Maui Montage dan jumping

Helicopter Tour: We debated whether to do this or the road to Hana, and we ended up doing the helicopter because it wasn’t an all day activity and seemed like something we wouldn’t do on a ‘normal’ vacation. It was cool – as you can see below I got a lot of amazing photos – but for how expensive it was, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it unless you just love riding in helicopters/aren’t on a tight budget. We don’t regret it though. We rented a mustang convertible for the day (it was also Dan’s birthday) and did the ‘copter tour and went to breakfast in the town of Paia. Then, because we loved the hotel so much, we went back to lay out and snorkel before capping off the day with dinner at Mama’s (yum!). I’ve heard the road to Hana is gorgeous, so hopefully we’ll get to it one of these times :) I just have a hard time committing to 8 hours in the car when the beach is calling my name. Know what I mean? 




Luau: We did the Luau down the path from Four Seasons at the Marriott (where we stayed this past time), and it was so fun! The food/drinks aren’t amazing, but the overall experience is worth it if you’ve never been. (Actually, I had been with my family, and I loved it the 2nd time around!) You sit at a table with other vacationers (we were with a few other couples on their honeymoon as well), you watch a gorgeous performance depicting the history of Maui as the sun sets over the ocean and you get all-you-can-eat food and drinks. Unfortunately it was really hard to get good photos with the flash.


Alii NuiSnorkeling tours are aplenty in Maui, but I think this is one of the best options. The food and beer options were superb, the staff was knowledgable and friendly and the boat itself was really nice and big. Also, the water in Maui is like a rich royal blue – gorg!


IMG_2329 IMG_2336What’s a Maui post without a gratuitous sunset photo (from the beach at Mama’s)?


In a nutshell, I love, love, love Maui. However, I am very excited to check out another island! I think Kauai is next.


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  1. Cathy says:

    Wonderful memories, gorgeous pics and beautiful couple!

  2. Dan says:

    I was there. it was the BOMB! Can’t wait to go back. Great photos Babe!

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