100 Days of Happiness


Dan and I went to Indianapolis recently to visit his grandpa who is battling Alzheimer’s Disease. Despite his health struggles, he was in good spirits and told us how lucky he feels because he knows it could be worse and talked about how grateful he is for all the things he does have. Of course that is the spirit and optimism we want him to have, but no one would blame him for feeling frustrated or down. I’m sharing this because it was such a poignant reminder to live each day with appreciation for the wonderful things we have, and to not settle for things that aren’t bringing true happiness either. 

So, when one of my colleagues found this site, 100 Happy Days, I was all in! I love the idea of making a conscious effort to take note of things that make me happy or feel grateful each day. Tomorrow is my first day, and I’ll be posting a photo daily on Instagram with the hashtag #100happydays.  I hope you’ll follow along and perhaps be inspired to participate as well!

Before my official start, here is a video I took of Lulu on Saturday that makes me very happy. Enjoy!

Lulu Takes Playtime Breather!



4 responses to “100 Days of Happiness”

  1. Ellie says:

    Aww! Lulu! Such a sweet heart. Such a great message. Love reading your blog :)

  2. Cathy says:

    She is an instant mood enhancer!!

  3. Ellen says:

    reading your blog about remembering to embrace happiness and gratitude in one’s life makes me happy…

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