Spring Trends & Other Musings

It’s March! This has been a doozy of a winter, leading to too much time spent watching TV and general boredom (although I finally watched New Girl – all 2.5 seasons. Love it!). I try to stay busy, but it is easy to get in a rut after months of below freezing temps and one of the snowiest winters on record. I am definitely over it, but, my friends, the end may be near. Near-ish at least. With that said, I intend to clean out my closet…out with the old! I’d like to  update my wardrobe with some spring-like finds and have perused the web for budget-friendly options. You’re welcome.

spring trends collage

Sources and more options on my Pinterest page here

Historically I’ve not been a great budget shopper. I don’t have the patience to sift through racks and racks of junk to find a gem. BUT, I got a really, really cute coat and pair of houndstooth leggings from F21 for Christmas, and I am converted (plus online shopping is the way to go). Look at all the cute stuff above! I love that you can wear the pieces a few times or try out a funky new trend, and it doesn’t matter if you only wear it a handful of times. It’s an easy way to update the more expensive staples in your closet with some fun seasonal stuff. Win-win right?

Besides online shopping, Dan and I have spent this winter perfecting Sarah’s sweet potato quinoa patties. We are OBSESSED. We are making them tonight for the 3rd time this week (no shame). They are healthy and delicious and we can’t get enough. We like to eat them with sautéed kale or spinach and avocado, maybe with a little balsamic vinegar too.

On another random note, do you use a Kindle? I’m a fan because I love to read and they make it so easy (and don’t hurt your eyes)! Want a book? Download it. Not sure? Try a sample. So, I was a on roll and loving The Goldfinch when this happened mid-book:

broken kindle

Noooooo! Ironically, Dan’s broke at the same time. He got in the hot tub holding his in Maui (oops), so his was his fault while mine happened out of nowhere. We are thinking of getting the Kindle Paperwhite – anyone have it? Let me know if you like it!

Anyway! We are going to see the Wolf of Wall Street today in anticipation of the Oscars tonight. I love Leo (I even secured tickets to see him on Oprah circa 2005), and I’ve heard good (read: raunchy) things. Have a relaxing Sunday and a great first week of March!


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