100 Happy Days Update

Remember this challenge? I think it is time for an update! I am 85 days in and although I don’t post a pic everyday, I do think about this daily. I am generally a very positive person, but it is a good reminder that pops in my head and makes me snap out of it when I’m feeling overwhelmed at work or negative about the weather or whatever. Don’t fret about trivial things! I actually saw a quote recently on Pinterest of all places that seems apropos: “worrying is literally betting against yourself.” So true – I can certainly be a worrywart but it’s always better (and more fun) to let the worries go and have confidence that it’ll all work out, amiright?

Anywho, back to the #100happydays challenge, here is a compilation of pics I have posted so far! I love seeing the transition from winter to spring:

100happydayscollage1 100happydayscollage2 100happydayscollage3 100happydayscollage4


so, 15 more days officially, although I don’t think you can put an expiration date on this kind of thing :)


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