One More Thing (book club)

I just finished two good books: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and One More Thing, by BJ Novak.  I love to read and thought it would be fun to start a series here of books that I read and gather your recommendations as well! So, here goes!


The Goldfinch was beautifully written – the author has a way with words and description in that I really felt that I was on this journey with the protagonist, Theo. When he was making poor decisions, I felt anxious for him, and I grew to care for him too. That said, the first half was more appealing to me then the second – by the end I was ready for it to be over, as there were some – in my opinion – superfluous scenes. Despite that, I would still recommend it!One-More-Thing-Cover1_custom-4f2bf1af5182e2e7894d244687389362907a7e69-s6-c30After finishing The Goldfinch I wanted something light-hearted to read and found it in One More Thing. It is a compilation of short stories by BJ Novak, who you may remember from The Office as a writer and actor on the series. It was such a fun and light read – I was laughing out loud during many of the stories (always a good thing). Novak has a fantastic ability to showcase the little absurdities of life and retell them in an endearing and relatable manner. Some are about the length of a chapter, many are just a few pages and some are as short as a few lines. “Confucius at Home” – a story in which Confucius’s scribes write everything he says – and “A New Hitler” – in which the narrator describes the need for a new Hitler with good morals that everyone can get behind (whose name probably shouldn’t be Hitler, he muses) – were both funny and clever. 

Some books I’m considering starting next: The Aviator’s Wife (because I loved The Paris Wife and Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald) and Wild by Cheryl Strayed, but tell me, what do you recommend?



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