The Paris Apartment (book club)

After my last post, here, I decided to read The Aviator’s Wife. I really didn’t know anything about the Lindbergh’s other than rudimentary knowledge of the kidnapping, but apparently I really love historical fiction novels from a woman’s perspective. I just realized I’ve read a lot in the past few months: The Paris Wife, Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Boleyn Inheritance and The Aviator’s Wife. I find it so cool that you read about these amazing women and their accomplishments and you know its real. Plus it’s fun to go back in time a bit. Ann Morrow Lindbergh was the first woman to earn a first-class glider pilot’s license in 1930, and throughout the 30s Anne and Charles explored and charted air routes between continents. The planes then were small and flights took a lot longer than they do now – I can’t imagine the courage it took to make these flights, particularly for a young woman who never dreamed of doing it. 


Anyhow, after I finished, I was researching other books to read and came across The Paris Apartment. It sounded intriguing, and I found that the premise is based off of a real apartment that was uncovered in Paris a few years ago that had been completely abandoned and UNTOUCHED since 1940. On top of that, not just anyone had owned this apartment – a famous courtesan (a “demimonde”) of the Belle Epoque had owned before leaving it to her granddaughter who fled Paris in 1940 due to the war. Probably due to her many high profile admirers of the time, it was filled to the brim with priceless furniture and art from the Belle Epoque. This may be old news to some of you, but I had never heard of this and think it is so so SO cool. How did no one go on this apartment at all for 70 years, for maintenance at least? This needs to be made into a movie! Here are some pictured of the apartment (located in the 9th arrondissement):

20120509-160521 article-2323297-19BCB80B000005DC-257_470x594^A portrait of the owner by famed artist Giovanni Boldini was hanging in the apartment

screenshot-2012-05-09-at-16.21.12And with that, I’m in the mood to watch Midnight in Paris. Have a great weekend! I have a three day weekend and am getting my hair cut today – much needed!


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