All that glitters

rings 2

I am loving the feminine, dainty yet edgy rings that are currently in style, and i need to update my collection, stat!  i love how jewelry can be such an indicator of individual style – it’s so fun to find something unique that not many other people will have (i like to call those my leading lady pieces…you know how in movies the lead actress has one piece of jewelry she wears throughout the movie?). Despite that, i don’t tend to buy jewelry that often and tend to stick to the same few items day-to-day.  well, i think it is time to update my collection, so here are some pretty, stackable rings i’ve been eyeing lately:


left column: misa / jennie kwon / misa / jennifer meyer
right column: catbird / jennie kwon / mociun / etsy

^all of these designers have an amazing selection – it was so hard to narrow it down!

and for good measure, here are some cool earrings – i love the mix of piercings and earrings on the right:

earring collage

top left: maria black, bottom left: jennifer meyer, right: unknown (found via The Infinite Pattern)

pretty, non? xoxo

top image via  jennie kwon

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