Date Night to Motown!

In this case, it was a date night with my mom :) Last week my mom came to Chicago for a special girls’ night to see Motown the Musical, so she and my dad drove up on Thursday, I took a half day off from work and we met up for lunch. After, we walked around the Gold Coast and shopped a little before going to dinner at the newly opened Fig & Olive while my dad took Dan and my brother out for steaks. Fig & Olive is beautiful, delicious and what i might label “sophisticated chic” if I had to do such a thing. It is kind of a hot spot, but not too trendy either (i.e. I think it will stand the test of time). We go to a lot of great restaurants here in Chicago, but it was really fun to go to such a nice place (on Oak Street no less) before the theater with my mom since its out of the norm from my daily routine and thus extra special! I remember her surprising me when I was little by taking me to Sesame Street Live after school and just how special and exciting it felt to be out on the town on a school night, so it’s really fun to kind of recreate that now as an adult. In fact, we chatted so much we lost track of time and had to rush to the theater (at least it makes a good story!). IMG_5080

fig & olive bar

the bar has two big olive trees in the middle


salmon crudo with grapefruit, dill and olive oil


the cucumber cosmo (so refreshing) and sangria (yum)

Now, anyone that knows me knows I love to sing. Dan and I both included this fact in our marriage vows, and I am known (at home anyway) to just belt out random songs on the regular. It’s definitely a trait I inherited from my dad, although unlike my brother I didn’t exactly get a great voice. No matter – it is cathartic and makes me happy. I can’t even imagine how awesome it would be to open my mouth and just have a huge Mariah voice come out…I think few things could feel more magical than standing on stage and having thousands of people singing your songs, swaying their hands in the air in unison – music just transports people, and that is what Motown did Thursday night. It was like being at a concert for 2.5 hours and all the stars were there – Smokey Robinson, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder – the list goes on. I think I had a smile on face the whole time and the whole crowd was dancing and singing along. So go see it! (Then go see Book of Mormon if you want a laugh.)


I had the best time and truly cherish these memories! Unfortunately the next day things took a turn for the worse when Lulu got really sick, the poor girl…thankfully she’s starting to feel better, but Dan and I definitely had a scare. It was pretty nice to have my parents happen to be here to help!


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