Chicago Jazz Fest

We are a week into September already, and so much has happened since my last post! Let’s see: we spent a week in Michigan and I celebrated my 30th, my friend had her baby (a sweet boy named William), I got a promotion, we went to a concert at Ravinia to see The Temptations and Beach Boys, had a belated birthday dinner at Avec followed by drinks at Sepia, the Renegade Craft Fair…whew! Before I dive into some of the details this week, I’ll start slow with last Sunday when we went to the Chicago Jazz Fest. I’m pretty sure is was our first time going! Seems like something we’d do every year, but we’ve been out of town many times on Labor Day weekend. Anyway, it was a beautiful day so we grabbed sammies and beers at Pastoral and set up shop in Millennium Park to take in the jazz and relax. It was extra nice knowing no work the next day! It’s free to attend, the music was great and it was overall just really low key – in the best way. It would be really fun to go with a group of friends but would also be great for families. Just pack a picnic and maybe some card games and enjoy the evening!

allie jazz fest 2014 bean jazz fest 2014 beer jazz fest

We were pretty bad about taking photos that day…oh well! Have a great week!


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