Michigan Sunsets


When we got to our rental house in Michigan, this is the view I saw from the back deck. Bells rang I tell you. We stayed near Saugatuk, a cute artsy town on Lake Michigan which was a great place to grab dinner or ice cream. Overall, it was pretty relaxing week, with a lot of time spent laying out and reading, grilling out, roasting s’mores, and searching for beach glass. We also did a dune buggy ride which was really fun and rented a pontoon boat (for about an hour before it started raining). More photos below, if you are so inclined:

IMG_5138 IMG_5152 IMG_0999 IMG_5151 beach MI deer mi flowers MI rackets sunset 2 sunset 3 sunset 1 MI dinner MI 30th bday


^That’s all of us at dinner on my birthday :) ¬†xoxo

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  1. John says:

    What a day August 17th and what a vacation! Beautiful pictures!

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