Renegade Craft Fair (aka shopping heaven)


Have you been to the Renegade Craft Fair? It’s like the best of Etsy in person, on a cool street, with beer. In other words: amazing. It was in Chicago last weekend on Division St., but if you missed it, it’s coming back in December! I am already planning on going and getting most of my Christmas shopping done there! It’s also in NY, San Francisco, London, LA and Austin. I pretty much loved everything – Dan was “forced” to wait while I perused every.single.jewelry booth. And, while the jewelry was pretty great, there was lots of other cool stuff including art & prints, home goods, blankets, accessories and more.

It was a perfect day, weather-wise, the kind of day where you cannot imagine living anywhere else. But then it drops into the 40s out of nowhere and you’re like WHAT THE WHAT is going on here? I’ve decided subtlety just isn’t Chicago’s thing. When it comes to the weather, it is unpredictable and emotional. Sunny and warm, cold and windy, raining, it’s all over the place. Anyway, random tangent aside, I am excited for fall. Pumpkin Spice Latte for the win!

Lots of photos, below!

IMG_5207 IMG_5209 IMG_5219

^Son of a Sailor IMG_5220

^I bought some earrings from Zoe Comings – her jewelry is so gorgeous!


^My new ring by Elisha Marie – love!IMG_5224 IMG_5228 IMG_5229

rcf 1 rcf3 rcf4 rcf6 rcf7

^Couldn’t resist this vintage swan. rcf8 rcf9 rcf10

You can shop a lot of these vendors online – please do! They make such gorgeous, affordable, one of a kind goods. Much more special than the big box stuff, amiright?

P.S. If you live in San Francisco, you must go (Nov. 8-9) and check out Hillary Bird’s booth.

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