The Art of Terrarium Making


Chicagoans: have you been to Sprout Home? It is a haven for cool plants and other household goods – filled to the brim with succulents, cacti, air plants, ferns, flowers, candles…yum. Not only do they do arrangements for weddings and events, or landscaping for your home, but they offer classes too. I met Dan there after work recently for a Terrarium class. So fun! I will say that making terrariums is a little bit harder than expected. Narrowing down all the amazing options to just a few little guys was a challenge; we loved everything and mayyybe we were lacking  a clear direction for our terrarium. We persevered though and landed on a big cactus tree thing as well as a small round cactus and 2 tall and skinny succulents. Love it.


^I spy a cutie in the window!IMG_5299

IMG_5304 IMG_5300

^Cabinet of curiosities.

IMG_1109 IMG_5302

^Lots of focus is required.IMG_5303

^The final product.




^Prospering (hopefully) on our window sill.IMG_5320

^And an air plant for good measure. I love how it hangs over just so.

Check out their other classes here (locations in Chicago and Brooklyn) – the winter wreath one is calling my name!


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