Guilty Pleasure

I’m sure we all have many, but I’m talking about the boob. Ahem…the boob tube. Anyway, since we gave up cable, idly watching TV isn’t really possible since you have to pick something on Netflix or Hulu or whatever vs. putting HGTV on in the background.  Not to mention, binge-watching TV is really the only way to go – its almost like reading a book in terms of plot development and time invested. This summer, I binge-watched Veep (Julia and Tony are so funny), The Mindy Project (maybe I’m late to the party, but LOVE Mindy Kaling. Who wouldn’t want to be her friend?) and…wait for it…Pretty Little Liars. It is SO good! Plus, there are so many episodes so you can really dig in. It cracks me up how much power these teens have and how no one really questions them.  How does the ‘A team’ get away with all this stuff?  It’s so juicy and drama-filled..love it. Hannah is my favorite.


Speaking of TV, do you watch Girls? I am pretty excited to read Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham which came out today (you can read a good interview Cup of Jo did with her here), and check out Lena’s cute #asklena videos on YouTube, where she doles out some really good advice. The first video is below:

Now, I’m off to watch tonight’s Mindy Project!


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  1. Cathy says:

    i also am a come lately to Mindy and just love her character. Even Hough she’s s dr she still acts like a normal girl who just happens to have a hilarious take on life and relationships.

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