…Teddy Ruxbin Waltz!

For Dan’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, I told him we were headed to a pumpkin patch recommended by a friend – the perfect ruse to pick up our new puppy! It was a gorgeous warm fall day and the changing colors were brilliant, so the drive was great in and of itself. When we got to the pumpkin patch, while it was very cute, unfortunately there wasn’t much to do outside of picking out pumpkins (no cider or caramel apples, no apple picking) which we didn’t actually need to do. I was stalling for time when finally the breeder called and said she was in the parking lot! We rounded the corner and saw our new baby, and he has blended almost* seamlessly into the family.

*Lulu was just a little thrown through a loop with the new addition :)

IMG_5502 DSC_0744 DSC_0750 IMG_5579 IMG_5585

Needless to say, Dan LOVED his birthday present and we are in love with this little guy. He has been so easy – he loves to play and never whines!


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