Happy New Year!


Its 2015! Can you believe it? 2014 was the year of the Horse, and according to Chinese astrology it was not too kind to those born in the year of the rat (ahem, both Dan and me). So although 2014 was a bit stagnant for us in some of the things we hoped to accomplish, it also had a lot a fun and memorable moments.

2014: a year in perspective

We kicked off the year with a bang with a wonderful trip to Hawaii, we spent a week in Michigan this summer with my family, we had an awesome long weekend in Nashville, we both turned 30, I hosted a baby shower for my dear friend Jen, we took advantage of the Chicago summer, we expanded our little family with Teddy, I got a promotion, I saw Motown with my mom, took a really fun improv class…not too shabby at all when you put it all down in one place ;) Oh, and I started this blog!
2014 collage

Looking Ahead

While I am not one to make resolutions, we are starting a tradition this year by writing our predictions for the year ahead. Dan and I will both write 10 predictions for 2015, seal them in an envelope and then open them next year on New Year’s Day and see what we guessed right. I think it’ll be fun! What are your New Year’s traditions?

I hope you and your families had a great 2014 and will have even better 2015 (the year they go to in Back to the Future Part II!). Cheers!



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