The One With the Weaving


Have you seen all the beautiful wall hangings, weavings, macramé plant holders and the like lately? I’ve been ogling them on Pinterest and Etsy for a long time now, and so when Hillary gave me a lap loom for Christmas, I was ecstatic! At the risk of sounding like a boring spinster (see what I did there? :), my new favorite thing to do after work while the weather is cold and dreary is put on Downton Abbey or a good record and get my weave on. I won’t post a tutorial as of now because there are lots out there already (I used this one to get started), but I wanted to share some of my results so far since I’ve now completed a few. There are lots more ideas and patterns I’d like to try, so, lest our apartment become completely covered in weavings, I’m considering offering them on Etsy once I have a bigger selection. I could customize colors, etc. Interested?

IMG_5732 IMG_5777

IMG_5754 IMG_5767 IMG_5775


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