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Well hello! I haven’t been posting on here too regularly as of late because, well….winter. It’s either cold and dreary or bitterly cold and sunny a lot these days which isn’t the best environment for getting out and about and documenting things. But that’s not to say we haven’t been up to anything. For one, we saw The Imitation Game (loved it). We also watched the Oscars (so boring right?). We have gone out with friends for dinners and lunches (MAK, Parlor Pizza, Cocello – I highly recommende each of them. In fact I am dreaming about the egg yolk raviolo at Cocello right now…) and I got a haircut today! Perhaps most importantly, we picked up some awesome new succulents and cute little air plant at Sprout Home:

IMG_5859 IMG_5862

We are going to hang the burro tail on the left in the top photo in our room – just need to find the right vessel to get!  I like these:


1 / 2 / 3 (plus lots more on my pinterest board)

Also, I have been weaving my tail off! As I mentioned here, I love it! I even opened an Etsy store (Wall Hangings by Allie) so YOU can have one too! Here a are my latest:


^^Obsessed with this one. It’s all whites and creams with different textures and lots of fringe. Also below for scale:



And this purple lady:
IMG_5875^^This one is ready to be yours right now! It is pretty intricate and has lots of cool detail. It’s so pretty – scoop it up! (shameless plug:)

Currently working on this one:
blues weavingI have lots of ideas I’m excited to try and add to the store, but I can do custom ones too so just send me a note!

Anyway, tomorrow is March 1 and that means we are clearing the worst of winter and are headed to greener pastures. May the luck of the Irish be on your side. Have a great weekend!

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