A Weekend Getaway

I have been terrible about posting here the last few months, but I want to get back into it, for myself if nothing else! I love having this blog to look back on and see what we did and share with family and friends. That said, we’ve been pretty busy lately and the holidays are always full of fun, so I plan to get back on here more regularly. First things first – a beautiful fall getaway:


Last week on the 20th Dan and I celebrated our third anniversary, and then Monday was Dan’s birthday – a busy week in the Waltz household! To celebrate both, we took a quick but very relaxing overnight trip to Roanoke, Indiana to visit Joseph Decuis farm and restaurant – “Indiana’s Farm to Fork Destination”. It was a beautiful fall weekend (so amazing to see ll the fall colors that just don’t happen in the city) and so quaint. The main town is just a small strip of stores and restaurants and absolutely nothing was open on Sunday. We slept with the window open and could not believe the silence that ensued! It was amazing. Here is the main strip Sunday morning:


Joseph Decuis pretty much runs the town (they actually helped revitalize it with their business), so we had lunch the Joseph Decuis Emporium, did a farm tour then ate at Joseph Decuis. We also stayed at their B&B, The Inn at Joseph Decuis, and they provided the most delicious breakfast in the morning Рhomemade quiche and cinnamon scones with a side of wagyu sausage. All of the food was really good and the farm was absolutely gorgeous. (You can get married there and it would be beautiful!) Founders Alice and Pete live on the property and give the tours themselves (you can see their home through the trees in one of the photos below). Their story is actually really interesting; you can read more about them here.  Everything on the farm is sustainable and the animals are treated humanely. Their main focus is wagyu beef and Pete and Alice follow Japanese practices to the tee.

Of course, we took lots of¬†photos and I’d love to share a few! If you are in the midwest and looking for a little getaway, this is a great option! They also do wine dinners on the farm that I’ve heard are incredible.


The Inn


Their home through the trees…gorgeous!


Jack, the 7 year old turkey. He was very proud.


Those colors!

IMG_7229 IMG_7230^The owner, Pete Eshelman, telling us about the farm.


The cows love to give kisses!



Wooly pigs!


The restaurant


Pre-dinner selfie with Dan :)


Small town charm


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