Designing the Nursery (Round 2)

I shared the first iteration of my nursery inspiration here, and while I still love that design, now that we know for sure where we will be living I can better plan for the space and so changes have been made. Our baby’s room does have a window, but it doesn’t really get any natural light, seeing as the window faces another building. There is also not any overhead lighting in either of the bedrooms (we will fix that one of these days), so lamps and sconces are going to be key to creating a light and open space. However, the room should have no trouble being nice and dark for sleeping! There are so many awesome baby rooms on Pinterest, it was hard to nail a look down, but I knew I didn’t want it to be too “baby” or “themey”. It should be kid-friendly but also a place that feels cohesive with the rest of our home and jives with our overall aesthetic. So, using two prints I have from Hillary as a starting point, I created this latest mood board. It combines some stars and moons with California midcentury modern vibes. I already have a few of these items, so I think the final result will be pretty close to this!

nursery 4-2-16

  benjamin moore paint in silver cloudbear nightlight / mobile / floor lamp / rug / pouf / crib sheet / cribmoon + sun prints / love print

Not pictured are things like woven baskets to corral blankets and toys (and laundry?), floating shelves for books, and a dresser + changing pad. We have a really cool vintage dresser from Scout in Andersonville in our room currently that we are planning to paint white and put in the nursery (as we’ll need a larger dresser most likely). Another thing I want to do is get some boxes to store his clothes in the closet by size.

If you have any great tips for nursery organization and storage, please share!

Just 2 more weeks till the move (the before and after pics will be a doozy!) and approximately 7 more weeks till baby. Can’t wait!


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