April Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

I’m in the home stretch at 36.5 weeks! It especially feels close now, as I have weekly dr. appointments, we’ve done the hospital tour, we’re getting the nursery together, and I’m preparing for my maternity leave at work. I also had my second (and final) shower last weekend in Indianapolis! My mom found a really cute English tea room to hold it in which was a great spot for a baby shower. Here are a few photos with my mom and Hillary,¬†some of my aunts and my Meems (4 generations when you include baby!) and one with Dan.¬† 2016-04-23_181615406_3117C_iOS 2016-04-23_200839278_89AC3_iOSAllie and Dan at Baby Shower 4 23 16Also, while I was home we went through my brother’s and my baby clothes and found these little IU shorts (9 mos.) and IU sweatshirt (looks a little bigger) – so cute!

VIntage baby IU gearAnd now for the monthly update!

36 weeks

Just a few more weeks until we meet sweet baby boy – we cannot wait!

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