My Newborn Must-Haves

I am now six+ weeks into mommy-hood, and while that definitely doesn’t make me an expert, I have learned a few things from trial and error. This is not a comprehensive list of everything needed and doesn’t include the basics, but a few top essentials that have made things easier. Let’s hop to it!

newborn essentials

  1. Fisher Price Rock N Play: I didn’t buy this in advance even though everyone said it is a must-have. It turns out they were right! Don’t fight this one. Other bouncers might be good for when your baby is older for awake time (providing stimulation), but newborns need a cozy place to nap. The Rock N Play is cozy and portable, a perfect place to put baby down when you need to eat, fold laundry, go to the bathroom, etc. IMG_8564
  2. Swaddles: 
    • The Miracle Blanket and The Ollie World: I have tried a few easy swaddles that have velcro/snaps but found he was wiggly in them and undoing them to change diapers was a hassle. I thought the Miracle Blanket looked complicated, so since the hospital swaddle blankets seemed to be working pretty well, I swaddled with those or other blankets and just let his arms go free if he was really determined to get them out for the first 6 weeks. Since he was only waking to nurse around 3 and 6 am (give or take), I thought we were doing pretty good. Well, this week I thought I’d try the Miracle Blanket and … he slept almost 8 hours straight the first night! As for the Ollie World Swaddle, it came highly recommended by Chandra at Oh Lovely Day, so I thought I’d give it a try. It is also amazing – he slept 7 hours in it last night. It is the easiest one I’ve tried yet to get him in and out of and t’s nice that you don’t have to undo the whole thing for diaper changes. These are MUSTS for sleeping, as they are really snug. I’ve learned that babies are surprisingly strong and can get their arms free in many swaddles despite your best efforts.
    • Aden + AnaisLittle Unicorn and Coveted Things: These are great for “light” swaddling during naps, covering the stroller, tummy time, photo opps…the list goes on. We have a bunch and they are so soft, cute and handy.IMG_8580IMG_8509
  3. Coconut Oil: Great for clearing up baby acne/rough cheeks and cradle cap. I love that its all natural for sensitive skin. I also like Tubby Todd All-Over Ointment which is unscented and thick but not sticky or oily.
  4. Stroller Fan: It has been a hot summer so far, and it’s no fun when he gets sweaty on walks. I point this at his legs (not face!) and it helps keep him comfortable. I can also use it in the car since ours doesn’t have vents in the back. Since the blades are foam, there is no risk of little fingers being hurt as baby grows.
  5. Solly Baby Wrap: This is really easy to use and feels secure. Baby loves being close and falls right asleep. I put it on when I need to take the dogs out or even just in the house when I need to be up and about but he wants to be held.IMG_8376
  6. First Years “Blue Tub”: We initially tried the Puj tub, which is awesome because it folds flat and is super easy to store. However, it is just a little too big for our bathroom sink and too small for the kitchen sink. This blue tub was recommended on Lucie’s List and, while not easy to store (unless you just have tons of closet space), is super easy to use and keeps baby secure with its infant sling. The Puj will be great for traveling and as he gets more muscle control. Also, a bath thermometer! The first time we gave him a bath I just gaged the temp and then worried afterward it was too cold. This one beeps if it is too hot or too cold and is pretty cute! We got it off Amazon but for some reason it isn’t currently available there.
  7. Magnificent Baby Gowns and Footies: These close with magnets instead of snaps (genius) and come in really cute patterns. Perfect for newborns that pee and poo constantly. Kickee Pants also makes really cute and soft jammies.


Also, if you have the UPPAbaby Vista, get the infant insert! I didn’t realize there was such a thing and was at first relying on the bassinet (which he sleeps in with the stand and we love) or his carseat attachment. The carseat attachment is great for on the go trips when you are driving, but is otherwise pretty hot and confining for long walks (might not be a problem for a winter baby). The bassinet was great the first couple weeks, but as he got a little bigger and more alert wasn’t ideal, as it is heavy, large and has no straps to keep baby secure. The infant insert allows him to be strapped in, look around if he’s awake and is just easier to use all-around.

Finally, we have not had any blowouts with Pampers Swaddlers Diapers. I’ve tried two other brands and they do not hold a candle. We also like Pampers Sensitive Wipes; they are completely unscented and really gentle.

We’ll see how this list grows and evolves as baby does!


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