Wordless Wednesday: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Wordless Wednesday (or, Around Here Lately)

A Day at the Botanic Gardens

What are you up to this weekend? Last night Dan and I went to the newly opened Soho House for drinks after work, and then I got home and my throat started hurting. Hopefully with some rest today (along with some Emergen-C) it'll go away. Since I'm just hanging out watching The Mindy Project, I thought I'd share these photos ...

100 Happy Days Update

Remember this challenge? I think it is time for an update! I am 85 days in and although I don't post a pic everyday, I do think about this daily. I am generally a very positive person, but it is a good reminder that pops in my head and makes me snap out of it when I'm feeling overwhelmed at work or negative about the weather ...

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday